April 23, 2010

Song on my mind

Very few songs in these times which has lyrics that you want to hear again and again ...
The song 'aaj din chadya' from the movie 'Love Aajkal' has amazing lyrics. It has also won the Filmfare award for best lyrics !

A part of it which is my current favourite :-)

माँगा जो मेरा है
जाता क्या तेरा है
मैंने कौनसी तुझ से जन्नत मांग ली

कैसा खुदा है तू
बस नाम का है तू
रब्बा...जो तेरी इतनी सी भी न चली

( lyrics by Irshad Kamil and sung by Rahet Fatah Ali Khan)


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