May 20, 2010

Deep Purple

Happened ('Happened' here means - booked 4 months in advance !) to be at the Singapore indoor stadium to experience Deep Purple - the english rock band - Live !

The stage seemed great with smoky lights and all the instruments. The stadium was huge and the crowd big, ranging from teenagers to 60+

The decibels were deafening.
 I am no fan of rock music and had not heard any of deep purple songs ..not even 'smoke on the rain' and the live experience did not help in enhancing my love for rock !
But, it was amazing to see the energy levels of the band members who were on an average 60+ ! They performed non stop for 2 hours.

Best part was the solo performances and the very cute dance steps of Ian Gillan.

Obviously, they ended with their most popular song - 'smoke on the rain' and as we came out it was actually drizzling and the night had a smoky feel !

We boarded the newly opened circle (yellow) line for the first time and changed the maximum number of times... yellow to red at Dhoby Ghaut, to green at Outram Park and finally to bus at Dover.

Will add photos later !


  1. I so wanted to be there! But still in all probabilities I guess it is: Smoke on the water...and did they did they did they play - Highway star? It's one of their awesomest song...

  2. He he ha ha.... So u see what I mean when I say that the live band did not enhance my love for rock. I did not understand a word!! But I know that they played highway star for sure:)


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