June 20, 2010

Movies (1)

I intended to pen brief thoughts on movies watched recently with a little background on the library system here ...but I got carried away and wrote quite a lot on that topic already....so continuing with the original intentions...

1. The Full Monty (Not Bad)
A very warm story of how a few unemployed, very average looking guyz decide to perform a one time striptease for quick money.For a little drama ..they went overboard and claimed to go full monty...What follows is how they overcome their fears to perform the final act...! Quite a good play of emotions between a couple and a father and son with some very funny moments (like the encounter with cops was hilarious !)!

2. Stepmom (Nice Watch)
Julia Roberts is not beautiful in the traditional sense but there is something about her that just lights up the screen. Very interesting to watch how the mom and the stepmom (Julia) treat the kids lovingly but in their very own different ways....some moments being very emotional...a scene where Julia says that she is worried that the daughter will grow up and on her wedding day will be thinking of how great it would have been if her mom was here and the mom is worried that she will not ! The Christmas presents from mom to her kids were beautiful ......and emotional.....but in the end I couldn't quite understand what was the point of discord between the man and his first wife and could understand that life really is a total mess when you start looking for love out of marriage especially when there are kids involved...the biggest victims of this are the kids !

3. Life or something like it (Don't tell me I didn't warn you)
Quite boring actually, even though it stars Angelina Jolie ! The pace of the movie is extremely slow and very predictable.
Our very own 'Dasvidaniya' is a great watch in this respect (though the comparison with this movie may not be correct but worth a mention here). Also it is interesting to note how the story and direction of the movie can make a difference where a movie with AJ do not appeal while you may want to see a movie with Vinay Pathak and no female lead more than once !

4. Miss Pettigrew lived for a day (Drama, May Be)
It's like an english drama...the British style of dialogues, slow paced...predictable....but a very watchable one....due to some misunderstandings a nanny lands up as a high profile secretary for a day and does fix things up... ! nothing too great and nothing bad either !

5. अतिथि तुम कब जाओगे ! (Laugh Riot but please don't use brains)
Pranav kept asking us 'kitne aadmi the (कितने आदमी थे )' for many days after the movie...to a stage that we became as bored as the man was in the movie :-)

6. PS I love you (Romantic, Must watch)
Must watch ! Felt like kicking myself why I never heard of Gerard Butler before....amazingly handsome man I have seen in some time.....still not sure if it was the character or the man himself. But when I mentioned it to a friend who is an ardent follower of Hollywood movies...she said 'Welcome to the gang !'...so the man must be handsome...!!! He is Scottish, by the way, and not American !
No idea why the movie is termed as romantic comedy...

7. How to train your dragon (Animation, May Be)
We watched the 3D version...needless to say that the Pixar animation and effects and detailing were simply great....but somehow the story did not quite click me....though Pranav had a good time watching the dragons. 

8. October Sky (Inspirational, Don't Miss It)
 I am generally a little hesitant to see a movie or read a book which is termed as inspirational per se. This movie was recommended by my brother Nishant. So I picked it up from library and it just sat in my home for close to two weeks. Finally having nothing better to do on a weekend we started watching it....and what a movie it was ! It is based on a true story. The life in mines, finding an aim ...a calling in life, the passion, the gang of friends, the drama....the almost losing it ...the winning ....it was all engagingly woven together...


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