January 12, 2012

Filing woes

The article mentioned how to identify which documents should be stored in fire safe places or lockers. A picture of a beautiful file organizer with all neatly organized and labled papers mocked at me.

Uhh ha...I thought ! High time I took control of my paper life.

Itching to organize all my 'difficult to replace' certificates, so to say, and get that NEAT look, I bought a new clear A4 file with 30 leaves. Next, I gathered all my certificates from birth till marriage which were currently dumped in a folder.

Oh my birth certificate is on the verge of tearing off..and woa..my name was 'Rachna' at that time !

Why did MCA have 6 semesters..now I have to take care of all of these all my life !

Can I throw away the provisional degree, now that I have the real one ?

Battling these thoughts, I arranged them in chronological order and started placing them in the clear leaves one by one.

Sounds easy ?

I guess those catalogue pictures of neatly filed papers never faced the problem of no two papers being of the same size ! I mean even the mark sheets of same course from same insti are of awkwardly different sizes. Either  longer than A4 or just a bit wider !

So the puzzling question of the day is - why can't everyone follow the same standard of using A4 (or whatever ...as long as you get files of those sizes!) for certificates and all sort of other documents.

Well...even if that happens.....I will have to live with the ones I have...in this life....!

But I am no quitter....I folded or cut the ends to make each one of them fit into the A4 file... and finally got a neatly organized catalogue look.

Yes... I am happy about it.
No.. I don't know if there will be any consequences. Only time will tell !


  1. Haha. This habit of putting things nicely also happened to all my pictures. Whenever I look at the resulting album, I always think: I myself would have never been able to put so much enthu to do it :D

  2. :)))))))))). Reading this reminds me, whenever we try to sort out our papers my degrees are the most difficult to arrange. Every time my husband will give the same confused/puzzled look with the same sentence "yaar ye tumhari degree kaunse size ki hai. isko cut karke rakh lo, scan karke rakh lo etc etc..."

  3. A heart warming reminder. I will keep that in mind.


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