October 01, 2012

Joys of Paris in India ?

On our recent visit to India, we were driving on the almost empty noida expressway. Pranav was looking out of the window, excitedly, taking in the sights. In Singapore, long drive is a rarity. In fact, the joke goes that 'Do not run too fast else you might find yourself in Malaysia'. 

We were all quietly lost in our thoughts when suddenly Pranav exclaimed, with a deja vu kind of excitement in his voice. "Look, Look, we are in Paris !" His face lit up and had an expression of bewilderment and excitement of discovering something.

We looked around, puzzled, trying to decipher what he was referring to. It took us a while to understand that he was pointing to the following.

                                                                                                                   Photo from here

The omnipresent power towers which we seldom give a second look. 

Our immediate reaction was to burst into a hearty laughter. Ya Ya !  I know it wasn't a display of mature parenting... more so because Pranav just hates anyone laughing at something he has said. But sometimes it becomes unavoidable :-)

I hated breaking the truth to him.... but it had to be done. Pranav just reacted with a little 'Oh !'
Later, he decided to make it into a little joke and tried fooling his grandparents in Ahemadabad by pointing towards these towers and exclaiming - "Look Dada... so many Eiffel Towers !"

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