March 03, 2010

No Brainer !

We recently got to know about a Painting hobby class in our neighborhood community center and thought of checking it out for Pranav. When we enquired at the reception he told us that a class is currently running and we can have a look. Expecting many children in there and with no intention of disturbing them, we opened the class door slowly.

Two small children and a teacher greeted us. We were little disappointed (seeing so less strength) and somewhat happy (that our child will get individual attention). Anyways, we talked to the teacher and assured her that Pranav will join in from next week (which Pranav out rightly rejected).

Back at the reception, this conversation follows:

Reception: Classes are run in 6 batches and we take full amount in advance. You have already missed 2 classes.
We:  So can we pay for 4 classes and join ?
R:  No
We: So can Pranav attend 4 classes now and 2 more classes afterwards ?
R: No

We: Well, then we would not like to pay for 6 classes and attend only 4.

Wow....that was a No Brainer !!! Why were we even trying to rake our brains for options !


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