March 22, 2010

The Notice !!

One fine evening, we find a notice slipped under our door. On first glance it seems like someone had parked the cycle somewhere it shouldn't have been......on a closer look the picture seems familiar..Yes !!!..Pranav has exactly the same cycle...Wow ! Closer look reveals that the shoe rack beside the cycle also look like I am interested to read it fully !
Oops !!! the notice is actually directed to us meant to tell that we should not park the cycle outside our house so as to enable the maintenance person to do his cleaning job properly. Phew !!! a formal notice with photo..... for this !! Quite good use of the candid camera !! 

We are thanking our stars that they did not put this notice on the common notice board :-)

In India ..someone would have just pressed the doorbell (irrespective of the time of day and only if someone had bothered about having difficulty in cleaning !).....Here, we read the notice twice just to make sure that they were not levying any fine on us ...(By now we know that Singapore is a FINE place !! )

Well ! on one hand we were happy that the apartment is in good hands but we have also got suspicious whether they were cleaning the area outside our house for the first time in 2.5 months :-D (the cycle has been proudly parked at the same place since we shifted 2.5 months back !).
As soon as Pranav and his Nani came home after playing downstairs, he hurried to get the cycle inside the house (having already seen the photo and being explained by Nani what the notice meant). We are still deciding on a place to park inside the house :-) Currently it is adding charm to the drawing room decor !


  1. Yes it was. We all laughed so much after quite a long time!

  2. Yeah! The pros and cons :o)... sometimes I'm not sure what to do about stuff and what it means for the rules and regulations.

    Like today aru was having a cookie (it is no longer a biscuit), and dropped some crumbs on the the side walk (again... no longer a foot path)... was I supposed to pick up the little two pieces, or they were too small to pick!

  3. :-) ha ha.....ya I know...littering is a big CRIME here...even Lonely Planet for SG mentions the littering fine of 1000 SGD very clearly in the highlights where it mentions the rate of coffee etc to give an idea of the economy.

    So when in doubt....better pick up the crumbs :-))


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