August 04, 2010

Movie watching in Gurgaon: 10 years back

Once upon a time in Gurgaon...there were no swanky malls and no multiplexes. We did not own a mobile nor a computer ! There were only some pathetic cinema halls called 'Jai' and 'Paras' which did not even advertise the movies playing !
Motivated by urge of seeing a movie and too lazy to go to Delhi...My friend Ms EA called a 'restaraunt'(Yes you heard that right):

EA: Are you from Santushti ?
S: Yes mam
EA: Is there a cinema hall called Jai nearby
S: Yes mam
EA: can you tell which movie is playing there
S: Mam...chori chori chupke chupke
EA: Oh when did this one release...who is the cast ?
S: Ummm mam... salman khan..preity zinta
EA: what time is the next show
S: mam 3:30
EA: Oh it is already there a long queau at the ticket window ?
S: umm Mam...may I know who are you ?
EA: How dare you ask me does this matter to you...if you don't want to give any info then you say so ! BANG !!!

EA to me.... C'mon run ..the show starts in 10 min..let's catch a rickshaw fast.
This was 10 years back !

 Today: Tap iphone app or open site...choose movie, date, time and seats, pay. Wait for the movie day.
I let you chose which one is FUN ?


  1. Even I can't forget this funny incidence.. I laugh whenever think about this 'harkat' and some other as well... We all spent wonderful time together.
    Another one was about the morning show movie.. do you remember that ? ;-)

  2. yup...that was DCH ! And remember Mughal Gardens and dispirin !

  3. What an incident Vikku! Hilarious! I was not aware that you were having so much fun in Gurgaon. It seems E stands for Ekta ;-)

  4. Nice blog and the post is very informative an thanks for reviewing the movie watching at cinemas in gurgaon 10 year back.
    Thanks for the post....

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