August 17, 2010

Scared wit !

In a flick of a second I have so many thoughts - I am losing it really, I am getting mechanical here, I should do some puzzles or sudoku to keep my brain working. How could it happen again !

I know that I have a tendency of boarding wrong trains or getting off at wrong stops but this time I had been very careful. Today, I remembered that I had to take the train in opposite side of my I carefuly suppressed my involuntary movement towards the home bound train. Then I studied that of the two, which train should I board,decided on one, re-checked and boarded.

After a while I realized it was announcing (and even blinking on the map), the next station to be the homebound one !

It wasn't the fear of going in the wrong direction (it's no big deal ..I could have gotten down anywhere and taken the train from opposite platform !) but the fear of what could be wrong with me. I am aghast ! I cannot believe this was happening !

I got down as soon as the train stopped, saw around and suddenly - it was my moment of deja vu! I heaved a sigh of relief...It's not 'demnetia' after all ! I am exactly where I intended to be......glitches do happen here too ;-) (though it was the first one in my 8 months of extensive usage of public transport here)

Wait...could it be that the announcement was a figment of my imagination ! Did someone plant it in my mind ! Uhh....C'mon...I haven't even watched 'Inception' yet !


  1. Cool template

    p.s.: Mom totally didn't get this blog post :)

    p.p.s: You know what happens to sane people in this world (you've read catch 22!) so it's better to be slisha insane...

  2. What a beautiful way to present it!

    Ageing, it affects all of us in different ways. On my trip to Milan, I realized that a part of my brain is in my leg as well. They immediately take me to right direction. If I have to think, it takes a couple of minutes to decide about the direction in which I must take my train. While legs never have to think and never make mistakes, they work like a DMA in a system.(yup, I am among those who have aching legs when they think hard)

    Fingers also have its own share of brain. I can type without looking down, when I forget that I am typing without looking down, else I need to :-)

    And yes, even after checking umpteenth of time, it is scary that I forget to sign the cheque I gave for my kids fees.

  3. true...that's exactly the essence !! it def is scary ....but thankfully in my case here, I heaved a sigh of relief ;-)


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