September 22, 2010

3 couples, 5 nationalities - First hand experience of Multi Cultural Singapore

Born off a keralite father who was first generation singaporean and a Philipino mother,he married a beautiful Thai lady whom he met at his workplace. His sister recently married a Sinhalese (Sri-Lankan).

The host, a Singaporean Chinese free thinker converted Christian, married a gorgeous Indonesian lady. They met while graduating in Australia.

We, belonging to the same country and state and religion and caste and sub-caste were introduced by our parents. Though we found our story quite mundane after hearing theirs, this part of the world was quite interested in understanding how the arranged marriages actually happen !
- Bio-data ! What do you write there ?
- Do you get to see each others photos ?
- Do you get to meet each other before marriage ?
- Do you have an option to say 'No' after meeting ?

Hope we were able to change the concept of arranged marriages more to be like western dating where your parents play the role of dating agencies ;-)


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