February 18, 2010

Innovative Advertising

Do you get the point ? Well, I did not at the first look. In fact when I saw several such papers stuck on one of the wall near the Clementi bus stop in Singapore, I was little surprised at the upheaval look of so many seemingly torn off papers !

If you take a closer look, it is an advertisement having strips of papers with the same contact number written on it. So, anyone interested can just pull off a strip on the go ! 

I found that quite an amazing and innovative idea !


  1. Oh - that's coz you graduated (and post graduated :P) loooooooooooong ago: Such strips are put everyday on our hostel notice board :P :P.

    But the first time I saw these strips - even I was like :O

  2. Hmm...well it was looong ago and not looooooooooooong ago :-) Well but never saw it in the markets etc. for general advertising !

  3. Great idea shubhs... very innovative! And as dear bro said, we have been out of college for too long! (agree with you that it has not been that looooooooooooooong ago ;o) )

    and would like to say, welcome to the blogging world! Though I've been away for too long to actually give u a proper welcome :O).

  4. so niks ...it's one against 2 !


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