February 27, 2010


Recently, while traveling in the metro, I saw someone engrossed in what seemed like an e-reader.

As I love reading, I just got thinking about it. E-reader might actually be a great idea as I generally do my reading on the go.
What makes it tempting for me ? 

- Will not have to pre-decide which book I want to carry  for reading while travelling. 

- The size/weight  of the book will not be a limiting factor 

- may not need time for regular visits to public library, being a member of    e-library 

- I may save space the book shelf space in house :-)

Having said that, I love to turn my pages, I love to use a bookmark, I love the feel of a book at my bedside, I love my visits to the library . In short, I love to feel my books. (How much reading am I able to actually do is a different story)

So the question here is to be or not to be!

Current thoughts are - though it seems to be a very convenient and tempting idea, I will keep my books for now. But I am sure it is going to catch up very soon and I will have to re-think.

It is a phase akin to when digital cameras were picking up. I had same thoughts - "I love to feel my photos". And look at the scene now !
I still miss the feel of the print,the pride in knowing how to fit a camera roll, the long wait before a roll is complete, the excitement before having the first look at the prints and the time set aside to file photos carefully in album !

But it is no longer a practical option ! When we shifted to Singapore, all my digital photos came with me while I had to leave behind the albums.

Coming back to e-reader - as an Article in 'The Economist' puts it :
"Rather than being a thriller that grabs you from the first sentence,the tale of the rise of electronic books (e-books) is more like a novel that takes a while to get into its stride. If you saw an e-book device for the first time in 2008 and first played with one in 2009, perhaps you will buy one in 2010."

I am already thinking if I will have to wait till 2012 to buy one ! Time will tell !


  1. Hmmm! Totally with you on this Shubhra... I miss the smell of books on an e-reader.

    My husband gifted me one on my last birthday, and though i love all the convenience, i miss the feel! So I generally use it only while I'm travelling. To save space and have more choices.
    Am not even sure I want to save my shelf space at home, 'cause I love the line of books (not getting into how many i've actually read)!

    - N

  2. So which one did you get ? Kindle ??

    I guess it has already caught on in US but until recently it wasn't that easily available in other parts of the world.


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